What Is is a web address for the Office sign-in webpage. This webpage is created with a convenient and feasible interface that makes this portal easier to use for every individual. Creating an account with Office help the users to conduct all the tasks with better and improved features. This makes it important to sign in to your account before you get started with the usage. 

To know more about the “” URL or the Office account, you must take a look at the given information. Here, you will get the process along with the usage and other information related to your account.

Gain Better Understanding of Office account​​

Microsoft account is an online platform from where you can manage all your applications and functions. One username and password of Office account will help you in connecting with all the available applications such as Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, One drive, Skype, and more. You can accomplish distinct functions via a single account. It helps you to keep yourself secure and up-to-date, keep a check on your purchases or active devices, provide a layer of protection to your online surfing, take a glimpse at payment details and modify them, quickly increase the tenure of your subscription, and a lot more. Added to this, the accounting created with Office will also assist you in activating your subscription and getting your hands on the features for which you are charged. Just Office Login via will take your experience to the next level.

Explanatory Procedure for the Office Account Registration and Login​​

To execute an Office login process via, you must get registered first. Generally, when a user makes an online purchase of Office product, he/she have to create an account. However, if you opt to purchase the subscription from a third-party or a retail shop, you need to create an account. You can get yourself registered at any stage either before the purchase or after the purchase. For the creation and sign in, Office has designed the webpage which provides an easy-to-use interface for conducting the process. To know more about the procedure, look at the directions given down below. 

Account Creation

For the creation of an account, you must start by visiting the login webpage. “” is the URL for the login window. The login window will show you a “Create one” link which is required to be clicked for getting the account creation fields. Now, input the email address that you want to connect with your account. You can also click the phone number link for attaching your account with a mobile number. After this, create a passcode that must contain special characters and numbers along with upper and lower case letters. The password that you create will work as a security guard for your account and protect it from unauthorized access. Later to this, complete the process by verifying your identity. 

Office Login via “”

For signing into your Office Account, launch a web browser and invade the URL i.e. When you reach the window, enter the email address that you have attached to your Office account. After entering, press the “Next” tab which is placed on the lower right corner. The next window that appears will have a field for entering the password. Enter the password that you have designed for the security of your account. Every character must be the same as you have created. Once you are done with the creation, press “Sign In” and you are done.

Carry Out Varied Functions Using Your Office Account

Office Account

The Office account is designed to perform all the functions from a single dashboard. There is a long list of functions that you can carry out once you are signed in to your account. To make you familiar with them, we are providing some common functions that you can execute. 

➔ Change the Mode of Payment

➔ Switch Between your Purchased Subscriptions

➔ Get the list of your purchased subscription and get the download links for the same

➔ Review your order history and get the product key

➔ Troubleshoot Office Errors

➔ Send a gift card and redeem the one that you have received

➔ Modify the personal details 

➔ Cancel the subscription and purchase the new one

➔ Opt for and Out out of Recurring Office subscription Billing

➔ Manage your Added devices

➔ Control your Personal data and protect it

➔ Activate Office subscription and more.

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