The Office is a collection of various applications that are created with powerful, interactive, and innovative interfaces that benefit the users in getting their work done quickly, effectively, and creatively. For executing several functions using the Office applications, you have to set up the Office on your device. The is integrated with numerous procedures that might not be difficult to perform but requires a lot of attention to avoid mistakes. Hence, to make it easier for you to get the setup done without any hindrances, you are provided with a detailed procedure for the same. Take the help of this article and complete your Office setup.

Learn How to Activate Office Subscription via

The activation is the utmost important step that enables the user to enjoy all the premium features for which they are charged. For activation, Office has provided the users with a user-friendly portal “”. Using this URL, you can reach the preferred webpage and effectuate the activation process.​

Step 1: Buy an Office Subscription

The very step is to make the premium purchase of an Office product. Users are also provided with a free Office subscription. However, the limitations of features might affect your working and creativity. Hence, you are recommended to purchase a premium product and get access to all the innovative features. 

Step 2: Jot Down the Product Key

To step forward with the Office Setup activation, you must have your product key with you. There are multiple locations where a user can look for the product key. You can either access your Office account and get the key or move to your email account and open the confirmation mail that is provided with the key in it. On the other hand, third-party purchasers have to look for the retail card in the product box and get the key printed on it. Get the key and jot it down cautiously in a secure place.

Step 3: Move to the Activation Webpage

Now, navigate to the activation web page for the further process. The URL that you have to use for the activation window is “”. As you enter the URL in the address bar, you will be moved to the required webpage. 

Step 4: Sign In to Your Office Account

After that, the Office will ask you to log in to your Office Account via If you have an account, then tap “Sign In” and provide the associated credentials. You can also create a new account at the stage. Generally, third-party purchasers don’t have an account and are required to create a new one.  

Step 5: Invade the Product Key

After Office sign-in, the field for the product key will prompt. Type every character of the key carefully into the field and confirm it. If additions fields for country and language display, then make the selection and complete the setup activation process.

Directions to Download and Install Office Application​

As you confirm the activation process via, the link for the product download will come into your view. Now, simply move your cursor and click the link. The download process will commence immediately. Wait a waiting time of 2-3 minutes, the file will get downloaded successfully. On the completion, your file will automatically get saved in the default location i.e. Downloads folder. You can access your file from there.

The next move is to install the application on your device. For this, you will get the installation wizard on your screen. All the instructions will display in the wizard itself. With the on-screen instructions complete the installation process and bring out your creativity with the Office applications.

Get to Know More About the Office App

Office App

For enjoying on-the-go access to various Office applications, you can download and install the Office app on your Android or iOS device. The Office App incorporated with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint applications that will help you gain a whole new experience. It makes the document creation easier and smarter that will assist you in increasing your productivity and creativity. 

You can get this powerful app on your device by downloading it from the Google play store or App store. After downloading, open the application and sign in to your Office Account to start using the application. You can even start with the application without signing in. However, after signing in, you will get the ability to keep your file saved on a cloud location and enjoy some premium features.