In today’s world, we are equipped with technology in every phase of our lives. We are totally dependent on it and thinking of a life without technology is nearly impossible. A great example of the technology that is used in every sector is Microsoft Office. From the workplace to schools to personal use, MS Office has taken a place everywhere. Its various applications are highly used for making the work easier, simpler, and smarter. If you are an Office user, you need to register your account via and get access to all the benefits and Activate Office Setup. For understanding the process and to know the need for account creation and login, you must read the information given in this article.

What do you mean by “”?​​

An Office account is an online platform to help users accessing various Office applications, activate the subscription, manage them, modify personal information, and perform other important functions. For gaining the maximum benefit of Office applications, a user must start with Office account creation via is simply a URL for quick and hassle-free account creation and login process. You can easily create an account without paying any additional penny with the help of URL. Not just account creation, but this URL is also used for signing in to your account.

Thorough Procedure for Creating an Office Account

Office Account

For the successful creation of the Office account, you must follow the procedure given below. 

  1. You first have to open up an internet browser.
  2. Then, fill in the address field of our internet browser with a relevant URL that will redirect you to the Office login window. The URL that you need to enter is “”.
  3. In the login window, tap the account creation link i.e. Create One. This link is placed underneath the email address field. 
  4. As you click the link, you will reach the account creation webpage. Start by providing your account with an email address that you need to link to. Verify that the email address you invade is accessible to you.

Note: To step ahead with every step of the process, you have to press the “Next” tab. 

  1. After that, the empty field for the password will appear on your screen. Now, you need to form a strong and innovative passcode for the security of your account. Try to create a password that contains special symbols, numbers, uppercase letters as well as lower case letters. Using a distinct password that is not easy for anyone to guess will provide your account with better security. 
  2. Once you are done, the Office will send a code to the email address you provided to validate that it is yours. Enter the code carefully and proceed further.

Note: You will get a checkbox just under the “Enter Code” field. This checkbox is to receive emails related to Office. If you are interested then tick mark it else leave it blank.

  1. As you click “Next”, the Captcha Characters will prompt. Enter each character carefully in the established field. This is required for confirming your identity as a Human. 
  2. After entering the Captcha Code, press “Next” and your account creation process will come to an end. You will now be identified as an account holder and will be redirected to the new account that you just have created.  

You can also create an Office Account using your mobile device with just an internet connection. For this, move to your browser and enter the URL in it. This will redirect you to the same sign-in webpage. Now, click “Create One” and select Use a phone number option. Next to this, enter the mobile number and follow the on-screen instructions to conclude the process successfully. 

How Can You Access Your Account

To access your account, you have to log in to it. The process of signing in can only be done once you have your account. Hence, create an account first and then proceed to the sign-in process. For signing in, you first have to navigate to the login window using the “” URL. When you arrive at the chosen webpage, input the email address affiliated with your account. If your account is linked with a mobile number, then enter it instead of an email address. Following this, you ought to enter the password that you have created to keep your account protected. To conclude the process and access your account, press the “Sign In” tab.