What is MS Office?

Microsoft Office has earned a huge name by providing world-class productivity tools for personal and business use. Thus, the users are suggested to visit to access the app offered by Microsoft office. Therefore, it is a complete office-related application package that includes Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, and many other applications. Moreover, it offers a varied range of products depending upon the needs and requirements of the users. 

Microsoft Office product is easy to use and can be installed on the device easily. Also, it is compatible with all the operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Additionally, the users can download and install the office app on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, Microsoft Office provides a cloud-based security feature that enables users to keep their personal information and other data safe and secure. 

Furthermore, the users can download and install the office apps on their device through the official website, i.e., Above all, Microsoft Office has made it much easier for all users to carry out home and office use activities.

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Best features of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a desktop software suite that can be accessed by people of any age because it has an easy to use interface. Along with this, it also provides an extensive range of user manuals and guides that are available both online and offline to help in This suite has been designed with different applications in order to work together seamlessly. For instance, you can write a document in Microsoft Word and then save it to the cloud with the help of OneDrive application. Also, you can prepare your presentations with Powerpoint. If you want to create extensive publications, posters, menus for your business you can do so by using the Microsoft Publisher applications. You can also access some other applications of Microsoft Office to get your work done flawlessly. 

System requirements to install MS Office

System Requirements play a crucial role in downloading and installing the Microsoft office apps via However, it may vary as per the different operating systems. Thus the users will have to fulfill the minimum system requirements to operate the application efficiently on your preferred operating systems.

Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Office suite is compatible with both Windows and Mac computing devices. The Windows PC users must have a dual-core processor with a speed limit of at least 1.6 GHz and an Intel processor for Mac users. 

To run this software smoothly, there should be 4 GB or 2 GB RAM (32-bit) that should be available for Windows and 4 GB for Mac. The available hard disk space required for installing the software on Windows is 4GB and 10 GB free disk space for Mac. 

Operating Systems

To access this suite on the Window-based system, the user must have Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 operating system versions. At the same time, they can access the three most recently launched versions of operating systems on the Mac-based operating system.

Compatible web browsers

The users must have an upgraded version of the web browser so as to install the Office application from easily. Recently launched versions of Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox must be installed on the operating systems.

Where do We find Our Office Product key?

Users can search for their Office Product key depending on how they got their Microsoft Office suite. There are two different ways to get it, and one of them is buying it through an online store. While purchasing a product from the official website of Microsoft Office, the user will receive a Purchase Confirmation Mail on the registered email address. Therefore, the user will have to access the mail, and there they will find the product key required for


Another way to obtain the product key is through the retail store. Thus, the user will get a retail card along with the installation CD-Drive with their product. Therefore, take out the retail card from the box, and on its backside, there will be a silver lining. So, scratch the silver lining very carefully to obtain the product key easily. Apart from this, the user can use the product key from the user account just after activating their Office subscription.

office product key

Best Steps to download office setup for windows & mac

➔ In the beginning, the users are advised to access a web browser.

➔ Now, insert the official web address in the browser’s URL bar.

➔ Note: The official web address is

➔ After that, the official website will open on the screen.

➔ After this, the users will see there would be two options available on the official website, i.e., “Sign-in” and “Sign-up.”

➔ Now the users with the account are supposed to access the Microsoft office account through the login credentials.

➔ Note: All new users should click on the sign-up tab and create an account.

➔ Now when the user accesses the office account, they will have to enter the office product key.

➔ Note: The users are advised to ensure that they have entered the right product key.

➔ Now once the user enters the product key, a menu of all available options will open.

➔ After that, the users are supposed to choose the application they are willing to download.

➔ Now check out the license and agreement carefully.

➔ Note: Confirm that the system meets all specifications required for the software to work appropriately.

➔ Now tap on the “Download” option.

➔ Then the users are advised to wait for the download process to get completed.

➔ Note: The users who have purchased an office mode are recommended to insert the setup disk and follow the on-screen instructions.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

The procedure to install the downloaded setup file of Microsoft Office differs in Windows and Mac PC’s. Users have to install the setup file in distinct ways on both the operating systems. Here, we provide the installation steps for both to help you out in 

Office Setup
Office Setup Installation On Windows PC 

➔ First of all, go to the folder where you have downloaded the Microsoft Office Setup file. 

➔ Usually, the Downloaded files are available in your System’s download folder. Apart from this, if you change the location while saving the file then you have to look for it there. 

➔ Once you got your setup file, you have to double-click on the setup file to step forward to the next step.

➔ Consequently, the Security Warning pop-up box comes into view, drag the cursor, and tap on the Run tab.

➔ You will then be presented with a User Account window,  tap Yes to grant permission to run the setup file, and to initiate the installation process.

➔ It will begin installing the Microsoft Office on your Windows-based computers. As it might take some of your time, so you need to wait to complete the installation. 

➔ Finally, press the finish button to end up with the installation process. 

Office Setup Installation On Mac 

➔ To begin the process, open the Finder and then tap on the Download’s folder that you will get on the left-hand side of the Finder window. 

➔ When you get the downloaded folder of Office, simply double-click on it to open the file. 

➔ Now, on the first installation page that appears right in front of you, tap the Continue tab.

➔ You will get the Software License Agreement on your computer screen, analyze the agreement very carefully. Read the whole document without missing any terms and conditions. After this, mark the checkbox of I agree when you are satisfied with all the terms mentioned in the document and simply tap the Continue tab. 

➔ Select the Install tab from the next upcoming screen and instantly you will be prompted with a pop-up box where you have to insert the Mac User Credentials. Hence, enter the same appropriately and then click Install Software. 

➔ Finally, you will see that the process of installation starts, wait for it to complete properly. Click on the Finish tab when you get the window representing “The Installation was successful”. 

Best Steps to Activate Microsoft Office via

  • First of all, you have to search for the installed Microsoft product on your computer for You can use the shortcut by locating it on your desktop, system tray, or else click on the Start button and then look for all the installed applications. On the other hand, Mac users have to look for the launchpad icon and click on it from the Dock. 
  • Once you get your installed product, launch the office product that you want to activate on your system. For eg Microsoft Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, etc. You are supposed to select any of these options to start the activation process. 
  • Subsequently, you will be redirected to the User interface of the application that you have chosen. 
  • From the main interface of the Microsoft Office application that you have selected, search, and click on the Activate tab. You will trace this tab beneath the icon of the image of a key. If you are using Mac-based computers simply drag your cursor and tap the Get Started tab. Instantly, it will start activating your product and you don’t have to pursue further steps. 
  • Users of the Windows operating system will then be prompted to sign in to their Office account. For this, you are required to  enter the correct username and password that is linked to your account. Cross-check the details once entered and tap the Sign In tab.
  • Study the Software License Agreement thoroughly and accept the conditions by tapping on I agree. 
  • This will immediately start the activation of your selected Office product on your system via
Office Setup

Difference between Office For Home, For Education For Business?

Microsoft Office has now become the leading platform that provides different applications according to the user’s needs. So, this suite offers a varied range of products for home, education, and business purposes.

For Home

You can access the different plans that are being offered by Microsoft Office for home purposes. For this, you have applications such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Skype, and so on. Just by purchasing one single subscription, you can easily access it on any of your devices whether it is Windows and Mac PCs or on your mobile devices. Just by accessing its cloud-based security features along with Avant garde technology features you can accomplish your task easily. 

For Business

Now, with the upcoming Microsoft tools, it has become easier for the businesses to achieve their target with less effort. They can easily keep track of their accounts by using Microsoft Excel. Also, they can easily prepare and keep their ideas in front of the clients easily by using the Microsoft Powerpoint application. Just by accessing Microsoft Store, you can access more of its application with purchasing one single subscription for monthly or annually.

For Education

Not only in the field of business but also Microsoft has earned a great name in the educational field also. It provides exceptional productivity applications that help the students as well as teachers. You can do so by using applications such as Powerpoint, Word, and excel. 

How to Reinstall MS office?

Reinstall office

It is important to uninstall the outdated or previously installed version of the Microsoft Office from your computing device. Once you have completely uninstalled the software, pursue further with reinstalling it. 

Visit the official webpage of Office just by using On the desired webpage, drag your cursor and click on the Profile icon. You will then be prompted to fill in the email address that is linked with your MS office  account and move to the next window. Input the password carefully as the passwords are case-sensitive and click Next. This will lead you to the Services and Subscription page where you will get your purchased Office application. Along with this, you will get a download link, click on it to continue with process. 

Once you are done with downloading the Microsoft application, double-click on its setup file. In the Security Warning pop up box, tap Run to run the software efficiently on your device. After this, proceed further, by tapping on the Yes tab in the window of User Account Control. Soon after this, it will start installing your software on your preferred computing device. In the end, once you see the window showing Installation has done successfully, click on the Close tab to end the re-installation process.

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